What are people saying?

Jenn B.

“Tammy has a way of nurturing a sense of awareness and connection in an otherwise chaotic time.  After attending Tammy’s workshop, I felt a sense of inspiration, energy and hope about my own journey and goals.  Best of all, I felt I was not alone.  One cannot help but notice how Tammy’s passion and authenticity shine through !! "

Jodi U

"Tammy has an amazing life story that includes a major loss, doing significant personal work to overcome it, to now teaching others how they can also thrive regardless of their circumstances.  Using her skills as a teacher and coach, she has brilliantly weaved together her story with hands-on exercises that we can all grow from!"

Cathy C.

"Tammy is an energizing and passionate speaker. She will make you laugh and you'll likely shed some tears too. Most importantly, she will inspire you to live your best life."

Sue S.

 “Tammy was an amazing, warm and welcoming presenter. Her knowledge and presentation kept me engaged for the full 6 hours! I can say with enthusiasm that I have some of the greatest ideas to help me with continuing and finding my life’s adventure!”  

Jody M.

"Tammy is such a wonderful spirit. She exudes warmth and insightfulness.  Her commitment to and compassion for her clients is apparent in every interaction. The emotion and energy she pours into those around her is motivational. She will challenge you when needed and is always supportive and nurturing.  She has the ability to empower you to reach your optimum self. You will leave any session ready to live your best life and find the path that will bring you the greatest happiness in this life.”

Holli H.

"Tammy has an incredible ability to empower herself and others through education. She has a unlimited amount of resources for people to use to better themselves, whether it is books, professional referrals, or more of her trainings. From a professional stand point, it is inspiring to meet someone like Tammy, she has impacted everyone she comes into contact with and I am forever grateful to have met her. Our clients say everyday they wish she was at our studio weekly!"

More feedback

Sarah S.

"I enjoyed my day so much!  Tammy created a fun and safe environment!  I had at least two "lightbulb" moments and left with so much positive food for thought!"

Elizabeth H.

Tammy is authentic, welcoming and executes an amazing workshop! You'll leave feeling motivated and empowered!"

Katie M.

A great day! The time flew and I came away feeling stronger and solidified in what is important to me. Thank you Tammy!!

Linda D.

"I attended Tammy's workshop in January and wow! What a fabulous workshop - I highly recommend everyone attend this! Tammy speaks from her heart and her life experiences and this workshop was truly enlightening, powerful and makes you really stop and look within."

Stephanie M.

"Tammy rocked it! We laughed, we cried, we danced. She kept me focused and engaged throughout the entire day. I left feeling energized, inspired and clear on how I want to live an authentic life. Highly recommend!"

Brooke W.

"Tammy's workshop is thought-provoking, fun, informative, and interesting. She does a great job presenting with the music, video clips, quotes, and your personal stories. The biggest thing I took from today was a reminder to have more self compassion. I left feeling inspired!"